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No wonder Jeff claims that homophobia doesn’t exist in Teen Wolf universe since LGBT characters do not exist there.

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”- Well, we all know what was happening last Monday and who you were with. So I’m assuming…
- Dad, what the hell was I supposed to say? ‘Hi, that’s Derek Hale but he’s deaged. Because that can happen. Oh, and by the way, Agent McCall, your son is a werewolf?!’

Sterek AU: When Derek gets hit with a temporary deaging curse, the pack does it best to hide this fact. Stiles thinks he did a great job but the “cousin Miguel” thing gets out of hand and soon half of the town thinks Stiles is secretly dating some guy (including “cousin Miguel,” the actual guy that Stiles wants to date).
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I just saw a clip of Robert Redford talking about a recommendation letter Paul Newman sent for him and it made me think of Bucky and Steve, bear with me, okay?

Maybe Bucky’s up for some military award he doesn’t want and Peggy asks Steve to write a recommendation letter. If Captain America writes a recommendation letter, Bucky’s a shoe-in. 

To whom it may concern:

Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes has owed me twenty-five cents for over ten years. He will not assume his obligation under threat of loss of friendship, honor, or loyalty. I cannot, in good conscience, recommend him for anything.

Sincerely, Captain Steven Grant Rogers.

The Howling Commandos laugh themselves sick and Peggy smacks Steve upside his stupid, snickering blond head.

Years later, after the events in Washington and London, the collector that had the letter gives it back to Steve because she figures it’s important. Bucky, who has otherwise been quiet for the month he’s lived with the Avengers, reads it and laughs.

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What are you thinking about sexy ?


What are you thinking about sexy ?

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am i ever gonna get tired of the smug-as-hell look derek gets when he knows he’s about to hurt peter???? the answer is no, no i will NEVER GET TIRED OF IT GOD BLESS

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Manchmal brauchst du Mut. Und manchmal, da brauchst du einfach eine Flasche Vodka.

Gott, wär ich ne geile Muddi (via antihuren)

"Sometimes you need courage. And sometimes you just need a bottle of vodka."

(via deutschtaeglich)
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Holland’s reaction when she found out they’re going to do memes

#no one is more done with Teen Wolf than Holland

in which Holland is me, and I am Holland

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Random Demon: Your threats mean nothing.
Sam: Oh really?
Dean: :pours holy water on the demon from flask:
Random Demon: AAAHHRGH
Sam: How 'bout now?
Random Demon: Bite me.
Sam: :sneers:
Sam: have it your way...
Sam: Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus-
Random Demon: AAAHHRGH
Sam: Oh shit sorry Dean!
Sam: Oh my god
Sam: I'm so sorry
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Martha Jones + character traits

Magnaminous: generous in forgiving an insult or injury; free from petty resentfulness or vindictiveness.

(Also see: her relationships with her family and the Doctor to at least some extent.)

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